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I'll give out Free CD's to a select few who take part in this questionnaire - Your time involved with this survey will not go unnoticed. When the CD's are completed, the recipients of the FREE CDs will be based on a random factor - probably determined by date and time, so the sooner you fill out the form, the better your chance of a free CD. I hope you'll take the time to answer these questions in this short survey. You could get a free CD!

I am now working on three projects for Steve McRay Music - three separate CD's. The music will be available as a physical packaged CD, the download-able CD (mp3), as well as the download-able individual music tracks (mp3). The music will be offered for sale on several services and methods considered necessary to sale the music, such as:

Big Coffee Records - my own independent record label (payments using PayPal ), available as a physical CD mail order, and download-able (MP3) tracks; CD Baby physical CD as well as MP3's, CD, and tracks; Amazon.COM - CD mail order and MP3; iTunes MP3; and many more services and on-line stores, as well as Retail record stores in the US and around the world.


CD # 1 is mostly instrumental smooth jazz flavored music, with a good laid-back drum feel - using keyboards, synths, guitars, sax, and other key instruments for that particular sound - melodic in nature and very easy to listen to - music to play in your car, or to just create a chill-out mood around the house.

CD # 2 is more R&B upbeat music with a contemporary jazz undertone - rhythmic, with a good live drum back-beat, featuring some vocals, back-ground vocal harmonies, and solo's from keyboards, sax and guitar, horns and other well placed instruments - this music sounds more like a band playing, a good vibe!

CD # 3 is a totally relaxing, healing, spa, new age type of music - very little drums, more organic instruments (acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, some wind instruments, soft strings, and some effects) with nice soft melodies that sometime repeat - it can take the listener to a relaxed state of mind. This type of music is thought by many to have healing and calming effects.


This survey is completely confidential and for the purposes of music, marketing, and the control of these projects, and how that relates to my projects with Steve McRay Music and Big Coffee Records only **

  • 1. What types/genres of music do you like?

Choose as many that apply to you!

Blues  Rock  Old School Rhythm & Blues  Adult Contemporary

Contemporary Jazz  Instrumental Smooth Jazz  Americana Film Music  

New Age   Healing/Spa/Relax  Other (please comment)

Comments  (specifics - narrow it down)


  • 2. How do you purchase music:

Choose as many that apply to you!

Retail stores  Direct from Artist's Web Site (mail order or download)

  Purchase from an on-line store or service  Purchase and mail order the physical CD  

Download the full CD  Prefer to download just individual tracks  Stream music on-line service

 Other (please explain)


  • 3.   Do you ever listen to music for it's relaxing, soothing, and healing qualities?

Yes   No  Sometimes  I may check it out



  • 4. Assuming you've purchased music on-line, what is your most preferred method, or you're personal favorite way to buy music right now? (1)

Please choose the ONE that most aptly applies to you!

Comfortable buying on most on-line sites  Only purchase on the most popular on-line sites   

I only purchase CDs by mail order   I never purchase a physical CD, only download

   I only download individual tracks  I never purchase music, I only stream or download free music



  • 5.  a: Would you consider listening and purchasing any of my CD's or tracks?

Yes   No    Maybe, I'll may listen and check it out


     b:  If yes, what would be your preferred method to purchase:

Choose as many that apply to you!

I'm OK purchasing on-line from Big Coffee Records store    From any well known on-line store or service  

  I would probably mail order CD   I would probably download the CD  I would probably download just tracks I liked

  Purchase in Retail Record Store    No preference - I'm OK with any method these days

Comments please


  • 6. Of the three CD's, which CD would most likely appeal to you:

#1 Instrumental Smooth Jazz   #2 R & B upbeat with vocals    #3 Relaxing/Healing New Age   

All three   Sorry, not interested... 

Comments please


  • 7. Please leave a comment: - please make suggestions about songs, types of music you would like to hear, your personal favorites - also your methods, ideas, favorites for purchasing CDs, downloading music, preferred ways to buy, listen, share music....any and all comments will be appreciated...




That's all...thanks for your time!

You may, of course, remain anonymous. If you would like to register for a free CD, please leave you name, and email address - and any other contact information below: **









**Please note: By entering this survey, the submission person acknowledges there are no guaranties that you will receive a FREE CD! Recipients for the FREE CD will be chosen randomly and notified by email - those chosen will have their choice of a physical CD shipped to their address, or for a FREE download of the CD, your choice. By entering and leaving your email address, your name and email address may be added to the Big Coffee Records email list, where you may receive email notifications and/or a Big Coffee Records newsletter on a monthly or quarterly basis. Once registered, you may select to opt out of the email list at any time. Also, your email address will NOT be passed on to any other service or person ever!!


Thank you for your contribution to this survey!

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