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I've been fortunate to be able to travel all over the world during my musical career as a Keyboard player, Hammond B3 player, Vocalist, touring musician - As an Atlanta musician I've travelled all across the United States, Canada, all over Europe, Asia, Australia....and (hopefully) it will continue on and on...

This page is dedicated to tours and travels around the world!

Steve McRay in Japan
Steve in Japan

On the Road Again!

  • 2005 Italy Tour, Francine Reed with Java Monkey
  • 2002 Perth, W Australia Arts Festival "Francine Reed" with Java Monkey
  • 1998-2002  Charity Celebrity Shows (Lexington-Charlotte-Atlanta) with Artist's: Davy Jones, Little Feat, Paul Williams, John Berry, Jeff Carson, Steve Cropper, Bertie Higgins, John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery-Gentry, Jim Collins, Mark Wills, Tracy Bird, Susan Anton, and others.   
  • 1997 California, Blues Clubs with various bands
  • 1996 Tokyo, Japan Blues Festival with Trudy Lynn
  • 1992-2005 Tours with Java Monkey (Southeast and beyond including: Key West, Hilton Head, Las Vegas, Panama City Beach, Canada, Baltimore, Charlotte, St. Simons, and more)
  • 1995 European Tour "Francine Reed"
  • 1995 European Tour "Francine Reed "
  • 1993 European Tour "Trudy Lynn"
  • 1991 American Tour "Joan Baez "
  • 1990 European Tour "Joan Baez "
  • 1989 American Tour "Joan Baez" 
  • 1988 Trosa Sweden "Steve McRay" solo
  • 1986-87 American Tour ".38 Special" 
  • 1978-80 American Tour "Mose Jones"
  • 1976 American Tour "IF" (Jazz, English Band)
  • 1975 European Tour "IF" (Jazz, English Band)
  • 1973-75 American Tour Mose Jones


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Steve McRay at Louve Paris:  Venus 

Venus at the Louve (Paris)

Steve McRay at Louve Paris: winged statue

MY favorite statue at the Louve (Paris)

Steve McRay at London Bristish Museum Egypt

Egyptian Pharaoh at British Museum (London)

Steve McRay at Louve courtyard in Paris

Louve courtyard  (Paris)

Steve McRay at CBS NY with Joan Baez

CBS "Morning Show" with Joan Baez (NY)

Steve McRay at Key West boat at sunset 

Mallory Square at Sunset (Key West)

Steve McRay at Luzerne castle 

Castle above Lucerne (Switzerland)

Steve McRay at Mexico - boat on beach 

 Boat on beach (Mexico)

Steve McRay at Sweden Castle 

Looking out of Castle (Sweden)

Steve McRay at Sardinia on tour 

Looking out from balcony (Sardinia)

Steve McRay at Intermission Lounge in Boston 

Intermission Lounge - Combat Zone (Boston)

This was my first gig outside the south; I was 18 years old.

Steve McRay at Brass monkey_Australia

Brass Monkey - Perth, Australia

Steve McRay and Francine Reed in Atlanta, Ga

Francine Reed & Steve - playing live

Steve McRay in Italy - sunset

Sunset on the coast of Italy

Steve McRay at New Orleans, La.

New Orleans Street Musician

Steve McRay at Berlin Wall - Check Point Charlie Germany

Check-point Charlie, Berlin Germany 1990

Steve McRay - Amish girl in Penn

Amish girl in buggy

Steve McRay at Swiss Village - on tour

Swiss Village

Steve McRay - Cologne Germany street art

Street art in Cologne Germany

Steve McRay - tour bus Philadelphia with 38 Special

Tour Bus in Philly



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Francine Reed and Java Monkey Italy 2005

Francine Reed with Java Monkey 2005



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