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An eclectic mix of favorite sites.

Steve McRay travels - Sardinia from balcony

(picture from balcony while on tour in Sardinia)



LA Entertainment  "What's happening in film music"

Film Music  Reviews & information

Access Atlanta  Great source of city info

Clark Howard  Great source of info

BMI  Song catalogs

Al Kooper  Home Page

Ted Nugent  Information

ARS  Album information

.38 Special  Home Page

Joan Baez  Home Page

Francine Reed Atlanta Diva (Lyle Lovett/Willie Nelson)

Jimmy Dawkins  Blues Artist

Mose Jones  Southern Rock - home page

Mose Jones  FACEBOOK site

Mose Jones  MySpace site with music & pictures

Java Monkey  home page for the Atlanta band

Java Monkey  on FACEBOOK - like us!

Java Monkey  at Myspace with music and pictures

Steve  at Myspace with music and pictures

Steve  a personal myspace site


Steve  on FACEBOOK - like me!


Big Coffee Records  Independent record label selling my music


Band X  Atlanta Event, Party, Wedding band




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