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Steve McRay - Atlanta musician, Keyboard player, Hammond B3 player, Vocalist, Composer, Songwriter, Studio musician

  • Worked extensively in recording studios in Atlanta, Ga., Charlotte, NC., Los Angeles, Ca., Nashville, Tn., London, England...

  • Keyboard style on the Grand piano, Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano, many Synths and Samplers is well noted on recordings

  • Everything from a funky, bluesy, jazzy, southern rock style to what is needed for that particular recording - well rounded with touch and feel!...from Rock Legend Ted Nugent and Rock band 38 Special, Disco Rock legend Alicia Bridges, to the legendary Folk singer Joan Baez, as well as Blues/Jazz Diva Francine Reed...

  • As a touring musician, traveled with many artists around the world playing concerts, large festivals, television specials, VH1, MTV, charity events, corporate events, nightclubs, casinos, etc. 



    .38 Special

    Ted Nugent

    Joan Baez

    Francine Reed

    Atlanta Rhythm Section

    Al Kooper

    Ben E. King

    Johnny Van Zant 

    Alicia Bridges


    Lowell George

    Randall Bramblett

    Mose Jones

    Java Monkey


    Steve McRay on the Hammond B3

    On the Hammond B3

    Ichiban Records
    Blues Artist


    Francine Reed

    Trudy Lynn

    The Shadows

    Luther "House Rocker" Johnson

    Jimmy Dawkins

    Kip Anderson

    Jerry McCain

    Ben E. King

    Chick Willis

    Travis Haddix

    Sandra Hall



REVIEW: Jimmy Dawkins: Me, My Guitar & The Blues - Recording Date 1997, Recorded at KALA Studios, Atlanta, GA - Producer Bryan Cole

Blues Access (Winter 1998 , # 32, by Jack Oudiz):
A man, his guitar and the blues is all it's ever been about, and it's all Jimmy Dawkins fans have ever needed. From the git-go there is an ensemble energy that has been missing in Dawkins' previous Ichiban outings. Much credit goes to keyboardist Steve McRay, whose tinkling piano leavens some of the grimness of the Dawkins attack so that a full-tilt shuffle like "You Don't Want Me" soars on take-off. Dawkins rocks harder than he has in many years, and in so doing unleashes brilliant, complex soloing -- nowhere better than on the high-spirited instrumental "Jimmy's Bag." Yet when it comes time to go down in the alley, Dawkins uncorks an instant classic in the near seven-minute title track, which may long be remembered as his masterpiece. McRay's solemn B-3 is the backdrop for a ferocious unleashing of Dawkins' pain and despair -- a quintessential "West Side" lesson in the blues. "Me, My Guitar and the Blues" offers a number of other gems, none more appealing than the collaboration between Dawkins and guest Francine Reed on "Down, Down Baby." It's an experiment that, judging from this tasty tidbit, could be developed into a pretty terrific duet album. For those needing an introduction to this musician's musician and long under-appreciated artist, there's no better place to start than here. For Dawkins fans, baby your ship has come in!"



Big Coffee Records

Big Coffee Records - Atlanta, Ga.

Owner of the Independent Record label "Big Coffee Records", located in Atlanta Georgia - currently working to release 3 CDs - One - R&B with Contemporary Jazz. The Second - more New Age smooth jazz flavored music. The Third - Healing/Stress Relief and Relaxation music.

Steve McRay keyboards and vocals