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Hi! You have entered the web site of Atlanta musician Steve McRay: singer / songwriter / keyboard player / Hammond B3 organist / composer / session player / veteran "live" touring musician / owner of Big Coffee Records.

In the web pages that follow, you will have the opportunity to listen to my original music, see what I'm currently involved in, check out where I'm playing "live", and get information on the artists, musicians, entertainers, and producers I have been fortunate to work with during my career.

Some of the artists I have recorded and/or toured with include: .38 Special, Ted Nugent, Joan Baez, Francine Reed, the Atlanta Rhythm Section, Alicia Bridges, Johnny Van Zant, Jackson Brown, Al Kooper, Crusados, Randall Bramblett, Mose Jones, Lowell George, Ben E. King, Lyle Lovett, Delbert McClinton, IF (the English Band), Java Monkey, and many blues artist from the now defunct Ichiban Records label.

I perform "live" as a Solo, Duo, or Band. Atlanta band "Java Monkey", Atlanta Blues/Jazz Diva Francine Reed, and Atlanta party/event band "BAND X" (great for all parties, events, weddings, casinos, etc.)

"Musician-for-Hire" with other bands and backing up name artists situations - I perform at concerts and festivals, in nightclubs, piano bars, wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events, charity events, house parties, casinos, and any musical situation.


As a session musician (keyboards, pianos, Hammond B3, synths, & vocals), I'm hired to work on other musicians, artists, and groups recording projects.

Working in the studio environment is one of my true loves; I really enjoy the creative process in the recording studio, either a large or small project - both can be satisfying, and I've been fortunate to have been on quite a few major gold and platinum recordings.

As a composer/song writer I'm constantly working in my studio - everything from R&B, smooth Jazz, Rock, Film/TV music, inspiration, healing & meditation music, and many other genres...some are projects for hire, some for collaborating with other song writers. But most of my creative time is spent on my original music, music that I'll be releasing on my independent record label Big Coffee Records. 404-890-8724

Contact me for information about any of my services, or to discuss any prospective situation or project you may be interested in. Please call me @ 404-405-3412. Or email me at (mobile) or (studio/office). Check out my calendar for my schedule.

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Big Coffee Records - Atlanta, Ga. Big Coffee Records is an indie record label created for the release of musical products by local Atlanta area artists, including myself - for information go to Big Coffee Records. Check out Mp3's of original Music...and take my CD survey for an opportunity to receive a free CD!




The Mose Jones never released 1980's album has now been released!

You helped us raise $8000 using

Now available at Big Coffee Records, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and other locations!


   "God Bless America!" And God, please be with our service people all over the world.




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If you or your company needs a solo, duo or band for a party, event, wedding, nightclub, casino, or any occasion... CALL  NOW!!  404-405-3412 or email:


Mose Jones-Live at Richards 1974 CD

Mose Jones  "Live at Richard's" Atlanta, Ga. 1974

CD is available!


Find it on

 Big Coffee Records


Also available at CD BABY, on iTunes, Amazon, and select record stores


Remembering "Mose Jones"...

with music, pics, & info!

 a look back at this 70's Rock Band I played in, a slice of Southern Rock history, with 4 albums to it's credit - 2 albums on MCA/Sounds of the South and 2 albums on RCA/BGO (Buie/Geller) Records.

At - Remembering Mose Jones

Facebook - Remembering Mose Jones on facebook


Mose Jones Myspace site -

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