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Hey-Hey we're in Hot-lanta?

Monkey Hot Dog - Java Monkey


Coca Cola had it's beginning in Atlanta! But while traveling in Europe on a Francine Reed tour, this store front was spotted in Lucerne, Switzerland!...a "Monkey Hot Dog"......umm!! Now that's McDifferent!



Steve McRay (Vocals, Keyboards, Keyboard Bass)

Michael Bastedo (Vocals, Sax, Zendrum)

Marvin Taylor (Guitar)

John Holder (Drums & Vocals)


What else do the guys in the band do...well, briefly, Steve is a songwriter/composer and is working to release his own CD of jazz flavored music...Michael is also a graphic artist (he created our CD cover), and is working on his own musical project...Marvin is a songwriter, and has his "Band in the Pocket" CD's which are sold direct and in music stores nation wide, i.e., the Guitar Center chain...John is an automotive business owner and has a music-project recording studio for hire.



Also available at Big Coffee Records

The Cole / Taylor CD

Cole / Taylor CD


Bryan Cole

Friend, Brother, Founding Member of Java Monkey

We're sorry to have to report that Bryan Cole passed away on Dec 9th, 2012 from complications of surgery to repair his failing aorta. A "Celebration of Life" was held in his honor at Smith's Ol' Bar Jan 13, 2013 - music was provided and friends filled the venue from 3pm to 12am - it was a wonderful day of celebrating and remembering our dear friend.

Bryan Cole - Java Monkey drummer

Francine Reed and Java Monkey for Bryan Cole

Francine Reed and Java Monkey performing at Bryan Cole's Celebration of Life Day - Jan 13, 2013



Mose Jones "Lost / Found" CD project was released Dec 2013 - Available on CD BABY

Read about it at MOSE JONES



**note: Java Monkey is not playing out on a regular basis at this time

Based on changes in personal situations along with the ruff economic conditions...but, you can always keep in touch with us through our Java Monkey email or through our individual and personal email and/or on the Java Monkey FACEBOOK site!.

Thanks everyone, always, for your support for this band, even when we're not playing out on a regular basis! We'll let you know when or if situations change... 


Occasionally Java Monkey will perform at a club, function, or festival - it may not always be the standard line-up we're all used to, but it'll be Java Monkey making music and having fun as always. So if you want to keep in touch with us...we'll be happy to keep you in the loop!!

 Please send or re-send your current e-mail address to




Francine Reed Page

with photo's, music, reviews, bio & her connection with Java Monkey

Francine Redd with Java Monkey at Zuffys

Check out some pictures from our New York trip!

 Pictures from our trip to the "Perth International Arts Festival 2002" with the Atlanta Diva!

Pictures from our Italy trip - 2005


The Francine Reed Personal Web Site


  "Live" Music Corner!


If you want to see the band play more often, please call or email us with venue information - or contact the venue's manager and refer our band. Or, have a party and book the band! We play clubs, events, private parties, company parties, Christmas parties, festivals, wedding receptions, charity functions....We're always looking for new and exciting places to play.

Booking & Info Call 404-405-3412

Check our calendar for schedules!

Java Monkey Calendar




We'll always remember Fuzzy's Place



Want to hear Java Monkey "Music"?


Go to the CD Music Page!


Big Coffee Records - Atlanta, Ga.

Also available at Big Coffee Records!





Seen in Perth, Australia @ the Brass Monkey while on tour with Francine Reed 2002


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We get this question all the time...How did you come up with the name?

 "Java Monkey" is derived from a Saturday Night Live skit entitled the "Java Junkies". We were enjoying a strong pot of Colombian coffee at a rehearsal and it was apparent that we were enjoying our collective vice. I remarked that previously I had dreamed of having a band named "Java Monkey"; Marvin and Michael liked it, so hence, a band name was chosen! By the way, we named this band in 1990, way before other individuals and organizations started borrowing our name. Plus back then, there were no Starbucks or other coffee houses on every corner like there are now...we were WAY ahead of the current caffeine curve!



This band is one of the bands to see while in Atlanta. They sound great, have fun, and cause people to dance! Their style is mostly R & B, with rock, jazz, blues, funk, and an original style that's fun to experience.




Read what the Press is saying about the Band!!

Best of Atlanta 2000

"Best of Atlanta" 2000 December issue.

Read about it!



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 Mose Jones

a look back at this 70's Rock Band with 4 albums to it's credit - 2 on MCA/Sounds of the South Records and 2 on RCA Records.


Also, check out the


Mose Jones







Mose Jones: Live at Richard  



is available at




as well as CD BABY, iTunes, Amazon, and other on-line outlets and record stores!