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Welcome to the Home Site for "Java Monkey"

One of Atlanta Georgia's favorite bands. Here you can find information on the Java Monkey band, discover the appeal and popularity of the band, origin of the name, the individual members and their backgrounds, go to their Calendar, find Current Information & Monkey News, Bio, History and Booking information, find Photo's, the Songlist, and Java Monkey's connection with the one and only Atlanta Diva Francine Reed....also you'll be able to listen to Java Monkey's music, and check out and purchase the CD, T-shirts, and other Merchandise.

This site is for our music fans, java monkey fans (national & international), coffee lovers, bean brains, espresso people, coffee drinkers, caffeine addicts, & all those loyal java heads, monkey enthusiast, and music lovers out there!!


Marvin Taylor - Java Monkey        Michael Bastedo - Java Monkey        Steve McRay - Java Monkey        John Holder - Java Monkey
Marvin Taylor Michael Bastedo Steve McRay John Holder
Guitar Vocals - Sax - Zendrum Vocals - Keyboards - Key Bass Vocals - Drums

*some photos courtesy of Vincent Tseng


You may have heard them before.....and didn't realize it! 

They have been on other Artist's records for years!

 .38 Special,  Ted Nugent,  Joan Baez,  Francine Reed,  Johnny Van Zant,  Ben E. King,  Atlanta Rhythm Section,  Trudy Lynn,  Alicia Bridges,  IF,  The Atlanta Band,  Mose Jones,  the Shadows,  Randall Bramblett,  Bertie Higgins,  "Blues" artists for Ichiban Records, i.e., Sandra Hall, Jimmy Dawkins, Chick Willis, Luther "Houserocker" Johnson, the Shadows, Dicky Williams, Vernon Garrett, Nappy Brown, Blues Boy Willie, Gary B.B. Coleman, Theodis Ealey, Jerry McCain, Kip Anderson, Travis Haddix, and many, many more! 


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Java Monkey is the band to call!!

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Java Monkey Band from Atlanta, Georgia

Band Photo & Artwork courtesy of Michael Bastedo

Steve McRay - Michael Bastedo - John Holder - Marvin Taylor


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Guest Responses:

 "I love the band...saw you guys at Fuzzys...does the whole band play anywhere else...YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME...and when Francine started...I was just blown away... signed...NEW FAN.."

"Atlanta is the greatest town in the whole wide world. No where else can call itself the home of JAVA MONKEY!!!! Dam y'all can play!!!!!!!"

"Hi Guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the great tunes on your new CD. We try and see you every time we're in Atlanta. Always makes us feel great to hear you. I could listen to your arrangement of Harlem Shuffle all night long. Hope to see you soon. David & Mara Valdosta, Ga."

 "I have been buying your cd and sending it to friends around the country. You now have fans in every region of the US. We are all waiting anxiously for your next effort. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Phil"

"Just back in the UK from a great vacation in "the south". The best music of the whole trip (including New Orleans) was Wednesday night at the Tin Roof Cantina. Thanks to all the band for coming to talk to us. To anyone from the UK, or wherever, make a point of being in Atlanta on Wednesday night and get to hear the best music going. Thanks again Steve from Brian and Sheila Hills (John Scriven's friends from England)- We'll be back!"

"I came across your web site by accident actually! I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to your audio clips! You guys sound great!!! I intend to purchase your cd very soon. I just wanted to let you guys know what I thought! I know it's always appreciated when someone you don't know compliments your talents!!! Keep up the good work! Stay positive & always smile :) Signed.....a new fan, Lisa"




Mose Jones "Lost / Found" CD project was released Dec 2013 - Available on CD BABY

Read about it at MOSE JONES


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Java Monkey - Atlanta band

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