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Java Monkey CD Music Information

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Java Monkey CD

The first and the long awaited CD from one of the most popular "live" bands in Atlanta.


This CD is filled with styles of blues, R & B, funk, rock, and jazz jams. Original songs by Steve McRay and Marvin Taylor are presented, as well as Java Monkey's own style of great tunes from artists Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Howard Tate, the Doobie Brothers, and Buddy Holly.


This CD's music transcends almost any age group. (great reviews from Atlanta Journal, Ron Hudspeth). A must have for "coffee lovers" - and a wonderful CD for music lovers everywhere!


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Excerpts from the liner notes....


'A fellow once said of Java Monkey's live performances, "These guys sound like a CD." Well, here's the long awaited CD they sound like.


Whether you're a veteran fan or a recent convert, this CD is for you.


This isn't a band turning clever tricks in the studio. These tracks were cut in two days, with hardly any overdubs. What you hear on this CD is what you get when you see the Monkey live - great arrangements, consummate musicianship.


To paraphrase one of Tina Turner's many hits: "they're simply the best. Better than all the rest." '


John Scriven


registered Monkey addict and founder of the English fan club.



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Java Monkey CD


Also available at



Big Coffee Records - Atlanta indie label


Visit Big Coffee Records web site for the Java Monkey CD. You'll also find more amazing local Atlanta groups, musicians, and sounds there as well!


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Java Monkey CD: 

Steve McRay...........keyboards, bass, vocals

Michael Bastedo........sax, zendrum, vocals

Marvin Taylor...........................guitar

Bryan Cole.............drums, vocals


This CD is a combination of funky originals and cover tunes played in our own original Java Monkey "style" - filled with inspirations from Rock, Jazz, Soul, Blues, R&B, and old school playing - it's basically what people experienced when they heard us "live"!

In fact, everything was recorded at the Ichiban Records' studio "KALA", where we, as studio musicians, had all recorded many, many times over the years -  playing on assorted Ichiban Artists projects, so we were totally comfortable in our surroundings - all of the songs were practically "1st take" recordings with vocals, solos, and very few overdubs added...we hope you'll listen and enjoy this CD!


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The songs...

Click on the Mp3 song bites below

to hear excerpts from the CD




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