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Java Monkey

  balls009.GIF (6054 bytes)   Steve McRay Vocals, Keyboards, Key-bass
  balls009.GIF (6054 bytes)   Marvin Taylor Guitar
  balls009.GIF (6054 bytes)   Michael Bastedo Vocals, Sax, Zendrum
  balls009.GIF (6054 bytes)   John Holder Vocals, Drums


Steve McRay......His soulful voice and R&B style comes from the heart & his keyboard playing will make you stop and take notice. BACKGROUND: Recorded with Mose Jones, .38 Special, Ted Nugent, Meatloaf, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Joan Baez, Ben E. King, Jackson Brown, Francine Reed, Johnny Van Zant. Co-wrote song "Alien" for ARS. Tours in U.S., Europe, Australia, and Japan with .38 Special, Joan Baez, Francine Reed, and Ichiban Blues Artists. Songwriter & Composer. Owner of Big Coffee Records, an Atlanta indie record label.


Marvin Taylor.....A guitar style that’s been perfected with quality and passion. Marvin exudes taste, and plays with a polished sound that’s filled with emotion. BACKGROUND: Member of Mose Jones. Studio session player in Muscle Shoals, Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta. U.S. and European tours with Francine Reed, and other Ichiban Records artists. Songwriter & Composer. W.C. Handy nominee for song "Been there, Done that", recorded by Francine Reed.


Michael Bastedo.....A vocal and sax style that’s fun to listen to and exciting to watch. Definitely a soulful player with ferocious energy and great chops...a driving force. BACKGROUND: Berklee College of Music. Studio session work in Atlanta and Seattle. Tours in U.S., Canada, and Europe with Dr. Hook, Bertie Higgins, Francine Reed, Trudy Lynn, Derrick Trucks. Composer and Graphic Artist.


John Holder.....Drums & Vocals. With a style that is funky and “in the pocket”, John provides a launching pad of explosive rhythm to lock in the band and a perfect beat for dancing. BACKGROUND: Graduate of Berklee College of Music. Recording and touring with country band Atlanta, including hit single “Sweet Country Music.” Studio session work in Atlanta and Nashville. Owner of recording studio, engineer and producer of wide range of music from alternative rock to children’s albums. Tours in U.S., Europe, and Australia with Francine Reed.



This is "Java Monkey"! This band keeps the audience moving to the beat and listening to a combination of great songs.... originals mixed with classic R&B, funky instrumentals, blues, rock, soul, and some of their own trademark style of well-known classic songs that everyone likes!

The name Java Monkey refers to the fixation, some may say an almost addiction, to caffeine - and the one vice you choose not to give up. That urge to want more...yes, maybe another cup, just one more! Just like the band Java Monkey, itself, and the impulse to get hooked. You’ll want more, more, more......just keep it hot and keep it coming!



" It's Monkey Time ! ! "

 Javacup.jpg (2877 bytes)

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