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Big Coffee Records is an Independent Record Label located in Atlanta, Georgia - dedicated to releasing like-minded quality local music in many genres, including: Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Americana, Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Groove, Club, as well as - New Age, Stress Relief, Meditation, Healing - With Music for Film, TV, and Advertising placement.



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Music missing for 30 years finds it's way home!

Kickstarter campaign was a success! The Mose Jones CD "Lost / Found" was released Nov 17, 2013 - NOW available BCR store!



Listen to sampling

Mose Jones - Live at Richard's - Atlanta, Ga. 1974

To ORDER the physical CD go to  BCR store

In the Spirit of Being an Independent Record Label

Big Coffee Records (BCR) looks for true local indie artists - those artists willing to put their songs and music out on the market; not as much concerned about the commercial marketability of their music, but more concerned with being true to their talent and using their God given talent for creating music from their heart and soul.

BCR was formed and designed for the purpose of recording and creating musical projects, while creating a strong musical reputation for releasing like minded local artists' CD projects - for the releasing, marketing, promoting and distributing manufactured CDs for on-line sales, digital downloads, and internet purchases - as well as distributing through Indie record distributors for conventional record store purchases in the US and World Wide.

We believe that the quality of the music is the key factor for the release of the artist's music on Big Coffee Records label - genre of music is an important factor as well, but considered secondary, and will be determined on an artist by artist basis.

As well, BCR was created to take advantage of all the important sources of income due to recording artists, i.e. - record sales, digital download sales, royalties and songwriting credits from digital music sales and services. Film and TV placement and royalties, et al.... 



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To Place and Promote the Artists Products


In return, BCR helps to find placement, distribution, and marketing for it's artists products and uses every avenue possible including: CD BABY, iTunes,, Facebook, Reverb Nation, Youtube, radio web cast, streaming services, record distribution services, record stores, social marketing, Film and TV channels, and many others.

Big Coffee Records has positioned itself for all aspects of being a true indie record label in the US and worldwide.

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