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BIG COFFEE RECORDS (BCR) was formed and designed for the purpose of recording and creating musical projects, while creating a strong musical reputation and signing like minded local artists.

Releasing, marketing, promoting, and distributing physical CD's for on-line digital downloads, internet purchases, as well as distributing through independent record distributors for conventional record store purchases in the US and continuing with World Wide sales.


Big Coffee Records wants to create a brand name with a strong musical reputation

for connecting quality musicians and their music to the music and record buying public - we believe those people  are out there, and they are out there in force,  and we want to connect our music and vision with them - all around the world.

Through the use of internet technology, this will allow BCR artists to introduce their music and projects to a potentially enormous audience at a relatively low cost, especially with the advent of newer digital software and recording devices, the once extremely expensive studio time, has now given way to the relatively inexpensive technology of producing studio quality music from home studios - this takes time and effort, but also less money to produce and eventually more money for the artist.

As an Independent musician operated record label, BCR is well aware of the trials and multiple problems associated with large record labels - being lost in the shuffle with the other labels artists, losing money situations based on advance money that has to be recouped, signed to long term contracts, artist's heart-felt project not being released, losing rights with regard to royalties and song writing credits - these are just some of the large record label problems and bad scenarios associated over time with recording artist.


As with any record company, obviously there will be expenses involved.

With the operating expenses of the BCR label, albeit less, that's where the advantage lies with both the BCR artist and the label.

BCR artists will be offered a net profit-sharing agreement - which simply means, a high percentage of the net profits will go to the artist. With this agreement, the net gain, after taking out all expenses the label has to incur, are split between the artist and the label by a percentage to be determined, and as stated, a high percentage will go to the artist. This is advantageous for both the artist and the label the more popularity for both the label and the artist, the more sales, and more profit for both.


BRC - founded and created by Steve McRay - Songwriter, Composer, Keyboard player, Singer

As studio session musician, played keyboards and added background vocals for many artists and groups, including - Ted Nugent (2 albums), .38 Special (4 albums), Atlanta Rhythm Section (1 album), Joan Baez, Johnny Van Zant (2 albums), Alicia Bridges (2 albums), as well as many Ichiban Blues Artists including - Francine Reed, Ben E King, Trudy Lynn, the Shadows, Travis Haddock, Theodis Ealey, Chick Willis, Jimmy Dawkins, Luther Houserocker Johnson, and many more.

As a touring and live music player, backed up celebrity artists in US, Europe, Japan, and Australia: Joan Baez, Francine Reed, 38 Special, John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery Gentry, John Berry, Steve Cropper, Paul Williams, Davi Jones, Wally Palmar, Jack Blades, Jeff Carlisi, Ed Roland, Mike Reno, Robin Zander, Trudy Lynn, Randall Bramblett, Jimmy Hall, Mose Jones, Java Monkey, and many more.

Steve McRay Music Steve McRay Publishing

BMI Music Broadcast Music Inc.

Big Coffee Group  Associated with Big Coffee Records 

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