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70's - 80's Southern Rock Band

In memory of...Randy Lewis, Jimmy O'Neill, and Bryan Cole



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Mose Jones #1  1971 - 1975

Randy Lewis, Bryan Cole, Jimmy O'Neill, Steve McRay


Mose Jones Promo shot -1973

Steve McRay, Jim O'Neill, Randy Lewis, Bryan Cole

Mose Jones with Al Kooper and Friends

Photo at Al Koopers house during the days he lived in Atlanta

"Does Your Mama Know About Me"

45 Single

Jimmy O'Neill

Photo taken during his days at KALA Studio

Mose Jones before break-up of 1st Mose band

Steve McRay, Jim O'Neill, Bryan Cole, Davis Causey, and Randy Lewis

Japan AD - with Mose Jones

and a little known band named "Lynyrd Skynyrd"

Ad for Richard's Club in Atlanta

Mose Jones and Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mose Jones Booking

Agency Booking - Steve McRay, Bryan Cole, Jimmy O'Neill, Randy Lewis

Bryan Cole

Photo Taken at Zuffy's playing with Java Monkey

Steve McRay on B3 - Bryan Cole drums

Concert at Ga Tech, Atlanta GA

Richard's Poster

Mose plays historic Atlanta Nightclub "Richard's"

Mose 45 released

"Here We Go Again" 45 released on Get Right album

Mose Jones Tours with IF in the 70's

Bryan Cole, Cliff Davies, Randy Lewis - toured gigs together in the 70's - Mose and English Band "IF"

Jimmy and Bryan with Skynyrd

Hanging with Skynyrd

Jimmy O'Neill

Early Booking

Agency Booking with Clay Watkins on Keys

Japanese Magazine AD

1974 - Japanese Mag Full Page Ad - (top) Mose 1st trip to LA on Sunset at Tower Records (bot) Mose playing in Atlanta club Funochios

Mose 1

Studio promo shots

Mose 1

Steve / Jimmy / Randy / Bryan




Mose Jones #2  1977-1980

Randy Lewis, Steve McRay, Marvin Taylor, Chris Seymour


Blackbird LP

Released in 1978

Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis and Steve McRay

Marvin Taylor

Steve McRay

Chuck Fowler

Roadie with Mose for years (RIP)

Steve and Marvin

Chris Seymour

Randy and Steve

Steve at Jam

Marvin Taylor

Mose on Stage

Mose 2 Getting Back Together

Randy Lewis, Marvin Taylor, Steve McRay, Bryan Cole

Steve McRay

Mose at Champagne Jam

Randy at Cains Ballroom

Smiling at Bob Wills

Mose Jones 2

Just getting together, our first photo taken, before signing our RCA and BGO Record deal


Bryan Cole  "Celebration of Life Day" Photos - January 13, 2013